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Jun 29, 2017

the whales are key components in their ecosystems every animal that is linked to it and linked to that etc, will be affected.


alto whales don't get haunted by other animals (except whaling) instinction of them will cause massive changes to the ecosystem. Their pray will overgrow wich case more competition to the rest, and those changes could lead to instinction to other species.

for example, take this simpler food web:cloudfront
if the Killer whale population will become scars, Crabeater Seal population will explode which means less Krill and what will the Adelie Penguin eat? that arm the leopard seal diet as well and etc.

p.s. when a whale dies, neutral, is carcass left in the ocean flower and many species eats it (so it not absolutely true that whale doesn't get eaten by others).