Can we have a common @mention tag for heroes rather than individual???

Every time I mark a question for duplicate or report, I tag same heroes, and this makes me feel bad that I do not interact with other heroes. Can something be done?

1 Answer
Feb 8, 2018




For starters, you should know that Heroes do not have moderation responsibilities on the site, at least not at the moment.

Heroes started out as mods, but that changed about 1 1/2 years ago. Basically, Heroes cannot merge, edit, or delete questions #-># check out this answer for more info on the differences between a Hero and a mod.

So, if you need help with merging or deleting questions, feel free to @mention me and I'll help you out. You can always @mention a Hero if you want, but they will forward the request to me.

Now, we will eventually expand the ranks of the Heroes--and their responsibilities on the site--so chances are that we will add a common @mention tag or something similar that will allow you to reach out to the Heroes as a group rather than as individuals. More on that soon...

So yeah, a common @mention tag for heroes? That's a definite maybe! :D