What is a Hero on Socratic?

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Jul 15, 2015


On Socratic, a Hero is a trusted community leader who embodies and exemplifies Socratic's mission: to make learning easier.


Heroes are a group of contributors who deeply understand and care about Socratic's mission, and seek to help others on Socratic understand and care about it too.

Here's their official definition ...

"A Socratic Hero is someone who consistently writes high-quality answers within their subject area(s) while inspiring and coaching other contributors to do the same. Heroes are responsible for cultivating and protecting Socratic’s culture of learning and voicing the community’s needs."

But I like to think about them as ⚡️ Guardians of the Socratic galaxy and defenders of access to learning for all ⚡️

You can recognize Heroes by the yellow lightning bolt badges next to their names. This means that they've been officially empowered by the Socratic team to lead the community in its pursuit to make learning easier.

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To learn more about Heroes (and how to become one!), you can check out this page about them.

Go learning!