Why is there no option to report answers in Socratic?

I have seen a couple of answers that are either completely wrong or even spam answers but there's no way to report such answers or get them taken down.

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Newcomers to Socratic can't directly report answers, but can still do it indirectly...


One of the changes Socratic made in September 2017 was that newcomers to the site only have restricted access and powers. One of those limitations is the inability to report answers directly (through the use of the Edit Question pulldown tab directly under the question). There's more about those changes in this answer.

What you can do is contact a Mod by using tagging them in the comments (there was a recent suggestion that Heroes also have a common tag but that has not yet been implemented).

Currently, our sole Mod is @stefan-zdre (Stefan V.) - you can copy/paste his name into the comments (or copy from his routine comments and answers in the Meta). You can tell a Mod by the green circle with the lightning bolt inside.

For an example of tagging someone in a comment, see below where I type in @parzival-s and I tag myself.