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How can I access uncategorized questions?

I want to help categorise most of the uncategorised questions in a given subject. Just wanted to know if there is an already known method which I do not know.

1 Answer


A couple of ideas...


  • To change the categorization of a question, hit the "Edit Question" drop down menu and you'll find "Edit Wording or Topic" - that's where you can change the categorization of a question.

  • Keep in mind, however, that once a question is answered, it's pretty much fixed in its category. In the case of an answered question, your best bet might be to alert the featured answer reviewer of the subject in question and alert them to a desired category change (featured answer reviewers can change the categorization of a question within their topic - and so the Algebra reviewer can change the categorization of a question in Algebra to something more specific or to another category altogether). You could also alert a moderator about a category change request.