How do you solve a right triangle with side B = 46° and side c = 30 feet?

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Jan 9, 2016

First, draw a diagram to represent the situation.


enter image source here

As you can see, we are looking for two sides and one angle. Let's do the simplest task first, which is to find angle A.

A= 180˚ - 90˚ - 46˚

A = 44˚

Now we can use the primary trigonometric ratios to find sides a and b.

Starting with b:

#b/30# = #sin46/1#

Solve for b -->b = 21.58

Finishing with a:

#a/30# = #cos46/1#

a = 20.84

So, A = 44˚, a = 20.84 feet and b = 21.58 feet

Hopefully this helps. Below I have included a few exercises for you to practice yourself with should you choose to practise more.

  1. Solve the following triangles:

a) ∆ABC where A = 56˚ and c = 24 inches

b) ∆ABC where b = 35 cm and c = 27 cm.

  1. A photographer is standing 34 meters from a skyscraper, and the angle of elevation between him [the photographer] and the top of the building is 65˚. Find the height of the building rounded to two decimals