How would you draw Newman projections of alkanes?

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anor277 Share
Feb 18, 2018


Well, I would use a model to inform my sense of geometry....


Some people, perhaps they are professors of organic chemistry, can look at a formula, and immediately assess molecular geometry and conformational analysis. I am not one of them and would always use a model to aid my reasoning.

Given a model that represents the molecular geometry, we can always rotate around a given #C-C# bond to see the high energy and low energy conformers...and please note that such models are ALWAYS permitted exam materials.

Now not only do you have to make the model, but you also have to transfer that three-dimensional geometry onto the printed page in a Newmann or sawhorse projection. This is certainly non-trivial, and requires some practice.

I don't know how useful the diagram is on its own, but certainly with a model, you can use it to inform your reasoning.

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