What geometric arrangement of charge clouds is expected for an atom that has five charge clouds ? A) tetrahedral B) trigonal bipyramidal C) octahedral D) square planar

1 Answer
Apr 30, 2015

The answer is D) trigonal bipyramidal.

An atom that is surrounded by 5 regions of electron density will have a steric number equal to 5.

Depending on the value of the coordination number, which expresses the number of atoms with which a central atom forms bonds, you can have the following molecular geometries

#AX_5E_0# - trigonal bipyramidal - zero lone pairs;
#AX_4E_1# - seesaw - 1 lone pair;
#AX_3E_2# - T-shaped - 2 lone pairs;
#AX_2E_3# - linear - 3 lone pairs;

The only option that matches is trigonal bipyramidal.