Why should foods be allowed if they are labeled? Or why should foods not be allowed? Should labeling be mandatory or voluntary?

2 Answers
Feb 5, 2018

The question seems to refer to Genetically Modified Foods. In my opinion yes foods that have Genetically Modified should be labeled.


When the consumer is considering the purchase of foods the consumer should have all the information possible in making the decision. These foods after all will enter the consumers body and becomes part of the consumers body.

There is a debate about the safety of GMOs ( Genetically Modified Organisms) The DNA of the organisms has been artificially modified by combining DNA from other organisms to create a hybrid. The affects of the modification of the DNA of organisms long terms is not known.

Regardless of the consumers position on the debate about GMOs the consumer should be provided with the information about the origin, content, and nature of the food being consumed.

Feb 8, 2018



It is helpful to the consumer to have as much information as possible. The information on a food label could ( should) include calorie counts, protein, fats, carbohydrates, additives, vitamins gluten,

The labels on the food can help consumers make informed decisions as to what foods to purchase.