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Exothermic processes

Key Questions

  • Answer:

    Take the example of formation of water from Hydrogen, Oxygen this reaction highly exothermic but kinetically slow


    The reaction to proceed first the reactants have to cross their activation energy barrier so that they form products giving the energy. Hence catalyst or temperature of the process plays a role in reaction to proceed spontaneously

    The other example is burning of LPG gas requires ignition for reaction to gets started even though reaction is spontaneous.

    Here is a video that explains spontaneity and signs of enthalpy and entropy:

  • Answer:

    see answer below


    Exothermic reaction is a reaction that releases heat.
    Examples are:
    - combustion
    - rusting
    -nuclear fission
    - acid/base neutralization
    -elephant toothpaste experiment
    -freezing water into ice cubes
    -burning a candle