Periodic Trends in Electronegativity

Key Questions

  • The trends for electronegativity is that the value increases across the periods (rows) of the periodic table. Lithium 1.0 and Fluorine 4.0 in period 2

    The electronegativity also increases up a group (column) of the periodic table. Lithium 1.0 and Francium 0.7 in Group I.

    Therefore Francium (Fr) in the lower left Group I Period 7 has the lowest electronegativity value at 0.7 and Fluorine (F) upper right Group 17 Period 2 has the highest electronegativity value at 4.0.

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  • Answer:

    The tendency of an atom in a molecule to attract the shared pair of electrons towards itself is called its electronegativity


    Electronegativity is a dimensionless property since it is only a tendency. It only indicates the net result of the tendencies of different elements to attract the bond forming electron pair.