Separating Mixtures

Key Questions

  • Answer:

    In a number of different ways, depends on the components of the mixture that you are trying to separate.


    You can do

    (1) precipitation/crystallization reactions - if one of the components can form a solid salt when the solution undergoes several factors (concentration change, temperature change, etc); separation can be done either by filtration, centrifugation, or simple decantation.

    (2) chromatography - separation can be based on the mobility of the phases (liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ion-exchange, etc.)

    (3) solvent extraction - if the components are both liquid, separation based on their relative solubilities

    (4) distillation - separation based on different boiling points.

    (5) magnetic separation - if one of the components have magnetic properties.

    (6) electrophoresis - separation of organic molecules based on the type of gel used

    These are just some of the ways. Some can probably add more in this list.