Graphs in the Coordinate Plane

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Coordinate Plane and Plotting Points
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Key Questions

  • Let us plot the point #(-2,3)#.

    Step 1: Draw a dotted vertical line through #-2# on the #x#-axis.

    enter image source here

    Step 2: Draw a dotted horizontal line through #3# on the #y#-axis.

    enter image source here

    Step 3: Draw a dot at the intersections of the dotted lines from Step 1 & 2.

    enter image source here

    That is how you plot the point #(-2,3)# on the x,y-plane.

    I hope that this was helpful.

  • They are numbered counterclockwise. Here is a picture borrowed from

    enter image source here

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  • First, before you continue reading, you must remember that x always goes first, and y always second in an ordered pair. Something like (-19, 2) is an ordered pair which you can plot on a coordinate plane. That is also how you label a point on a coordinate plane.

    The horizontal line of the plane is where x is to be plotted, and the vertical line is where y is to be plotted. Now, note that I'm not saying that x always lies on the vertical line, or y on the horizontal. I'm saying that if x is 5 and y is 2, then x must be 5 on the horizontal line, and y must be 2 on the vertical line, so when they are an ordered pair, the point is 5 points out (to the right) and 2 up.

    A coordinate plane has 4 quadrants.

    Quadrant I (1) is the one on the top right, and x and y and always both positive if they are in that quadrant. (For example, something in that quadrant could be (7,5))
    Quadrant II (2) is the one on the top left, and x is always negative, and y is always positive if it is in that quadrant. (Ex. (-7, 5))
    Quadrant III (3) is the one on the bottom left, and x and y are always negative if it is there. (Ex. (-7, -5))
    Quadrant IV (4) is the one on the bottom right, and x is always postive, y is always negative. (Ex. (7, -5))

    So, to sum up the answer to your question, the way you draw a coordinate plane is you make 2 lines perpendicular to each other. (See ex. below if you don't know what perpendicular means) Then you mark each unit like as seen below. The way you plot is you take a particular ordered pair, x goes first, y goes second ALWAYS and you plot them in their designated quadrant. Everything you need to know about plotting it in the right quadrant is above in the paragraph before this, so refer to it if need be.

    The X coordinate is plotted first and then the Y coordinate

    Ex of A Coordinate Plane: graph{ [-10, 10, -5, 5]}

    I hope this helps!